MLP Rainbow Dash Costume
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This is a My Little Pony "Rainbow Dash" Costume in size 3T/4T.  This was the costume I put together for my daughter last year that didn't orig all come together and I purchased each piece seperately.   But it was worth it because she looked adorable and got lots of compliments for her costume.   We paid it with a pair of twinkle toe light up sneakers and she was good to go!!  We meant to draw the rainbow dash cutie mark on her cheek but it's on the backside of the dress and we were pressed for time, but it was a great idea that you might want to use.

The wings were a little big so I made them a little smaller just by tying a knot in the right location until they fit, you can do the same.  There is one small spot of chocolate my daughter got on one of her wings and was how she got caught sneaking a cancy bar before we checked her bag lol.   But it should come off with a wash cloth and a little soap & water.  But to be honest it's not noticable & you may end up causing the material to lose color, not sure, I didn't try & will leave that up to you.

The pants are size 4T and run a tad small so they match the 3T/4T size of the dress.  The dress has a velcro closure on backside and a cuty mark on backside of rainbow tutu. The pants were inexpensive, since she was only going to wear them one night but actually wore them a few more times. So being they weren't made of the best quality to begin with, they developed tiny lint balls after the 1st time they went in the dryer that can be removed with a lint ball remover if needed but honeslty wasn't noticable at all.  I know because I washed them before halloweenn and my daughter wore them like that.  They also have cute lace trim at ankle hems. 

I bought the adorable head band from party city last year for $10 that has blue sequined ears and rainbow colored bangs.  Plus (not shown in photos yet but will try to add one) I also purchased a blue curly hair piece that I attached right under a pony tail and it blended in with her curly pony tale & was totes adorbs that I'm including with purchase!  I never even noticed that the bar code tag was still attached on the interior part of the dress when she wore it but since she already wore it with the tag still attached, I will leave it up to buyer to remove it.  All together I paid about $28 for everything included, so save some time & money by getting everything you need in one shot. 

This costime looked much better then the one that orig came with the dress. Sorty cheesy not to mention too cold for a child to wear on Halloween night which is usually pretty chilly. So the pants were a must have that are never included.  Once you see your child dressed up from head to toe in this put together by me costume, I know you won't be disappointed so have your camera ready!!  Now say, "Trick or Treat!!"  If you have any other questions, please inquire BEFORE bidding or committing to purchase.  

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